Firstly disconnect your battery to avoid any issues before continuing. (This can be located in your drivers manual)

The vehicle used in this guide is a BMW M240i 2017 LCI (F22).

Gently remove the first dashboard panel housing the front air vent assembly using the below Trim removal set. Starting at the left hand side prying the top side of the trim. Slowly make your away from left to right using other tools to keep distance between the trim and the dashboard. The clips are made of metal and will spring out, the dashboard is a hard foam/cardboard type material and difficult to damage.

Dashboard with air vent faceplate removed

After the trim is free from the dashboard unclip the two connections for the hazard and heater control unit, these are not clipped and simply pull free with some force (make sure to pull the housing and not the wires).

Next using a Torx T20 screwdriver undo the two silver exposed screws and pull the radio faceplate away from the dashboard. This can be left connected and to the side supported by your knee. This will reveal the main infotainment unit which is again held in place with two black Torx T20 screws; remove these and pull out the infotainment unit carefully not pulling on any rear connections.

Dashboard with air vent and radio faceplate removed

On the rear of the infotainment system there will be a male aerial connection (pink/purple on my vehicle) marked “Wi-Fi” or similar. The connecting is keyed and will only fit one orientation, it’s a zero insertion force connection and should require any effort to connect.

Rear view of infotainment unit

Once connected the antenna can be stuck using the self-adhesive behind the dashboard, wiring managed and the steps above in reverse to install trim. Turn on your vehicle to confirm hazards and air conditions is operational. (Don’t forget to reconnect your battery as per your drivers manual)

To add Apple CarPlay to your vehicle you will require a code generated by BMW. There are many sellers on eBay which provide this service, ensure the seller has good ratings and one that has conducted the service many times previously. You will need to provide your VIN and they will provide the software and code required. You will also need a ENET cable available via Amazon.

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