How To Activate Apple CarPlay or Enhanced Bluetooth on BMW NBT EVO (+ FAKRA Antenna Installation)

Firstly disconnect your battery to avoid any issues before continuing. (This can be located in your drivers manual) The vehicle used in this guide is a BMW M240i 2017 LCI (F22). Gently remove the first dashboard panel housing the front air vent assembly using the below Trim removal set. Starting at the left hand side [...]

FREE Custom Domain Email Hosting via Google Mail

Create a new Google Account Create a new ImprovMX Account Configure Domain DNS Settings TypeHostValueTXT@v=spf1 ~all Setup Google Account Sign in via Custom Domain Setup Gmail Send Mail As Custom Domain

Client Side Scripting

JS Including JS Internal When including JavaScript internally the code runs when the browser gets to it in a chronological order. So if the script is in the head it will fire before the content has loaded and if its before the body tag it will fire after. this becomes important when JS plugins are [...]

Client Side Customisation

CSS Including CSS Inline Including css inline allows for tag by tag manipulation of styling. If external stylesheets or internal styling applies to the same tags then the inline will overide the aforementioned includes. Inline CSS is not normally best practise for any kind of styling, it has mostly been kept in for legacy reasons. [...]

Server Side Scripting

Languages Server side languages can be used to assist users with accessiblity needs such as text size, color, font and other visible and audible requirements. These can be done via storing a clients needs with their account keeping a website accessible no matter what machine they are using or if they request another page on [...]